Siqarah Girls College (Lahore)

Our Mission

A leap towards excellence with Siqarah Education System. "Knowledge My Weapon" Our mission is to develop students into potential leaders and model executives by best balance of academic and character training in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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It's one thing to enrol kids in school; it's quite another to educate them. The former may be simpler, while the second task is now rather difficult. It is difficult to strike a balance between a high standard of education and the development of moral character that is consistent with our religion in these delicate times. At The Intellect, we make a point of doing just that. At the Intellect, we consider that a school's job is to inspire and empower its pupils to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and useful citizens of a rapidly evolving global community, as well as to enable academic performance. For Muslims, this also means emphasising the value of innovation, trust, and a sense of unity with the Muslim Ummah.

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INTERMEDIATE AT Siqarah Girls College (Lahore)

Siqarah Girls College (Lahore) offer purpose built campuses featuring state-of-the-art facilities backed by an experienced faculty, providing you a variety of courses to choose from.

FSC Pre-Medical

This program aims to deliver diverse knowledge and education related to medicine and other related fields.

FSC Pre-Engineering

This program serves as a gateway to prepare our students with practical knowledge and education of engineering fields in order to achieve their place in the top engineering universities of the country.


Our F.A program is designed for students who are interested in developing careers in the fields of arts, humanities, journalism, media and other related fields


ICS program is designed to enhance the skills of our students in computer science and information technology.